The geopython Community

					>>> import geopython


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  • Why Python for Geospatial?
  • Projects
  • Standards Support
  • Community

Why Python for Geospatial?

  • Minimal Setup
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Availability
  • Ubiquitous
  • ecosystem of tools (PyPI, GitHub, etc.)
  • Can glue to C/C++ building blocks
  • Fast (enough)
    • Rapid development


  • pycsw
  • PyWPS
  • OWSLib
  • GeoHealthCheck
  • GeoUsage
  • MetaSearch
  • Stetl
  • pygeoapi
  • pygeometa
  • pygeofilter
  • pygml

More projects available at GitHub


  • GeoNode
  • pyproj
  • MapProxy
  • Fiona
  • Rasterio
  • Shapely
  • EOxServer
  • istSOS
  • MapScript

At a Glance: Standards Matrix

Software Standards Function Component
pycsw CSW Publish/search/discover Server
PyWPS WPS Processing Server
OWSLib WMS/WFS/WPS/CSW Discover/visualize/access Client
GeoHealthCheck WMS/WFS/WPS/CSW Quality of service Client
GeoUsage WMS/WFS/WPS/CSW Service metrics/analysis Toolkit
MetaSearch (QGIS) CSW Discover/visualize/access Client
Stetl GML/GPKG/JSON/OWS Spatial ETL Toolkit
pygeoapi OGC API Access Server
pygeometa ISO 19115/19119, WMO Metadata management Toolkit
pygml OGC GML GML parser Toolkit
pygeofilter OGC Filter, CQL FES/CQL parser Toolkit